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  • Concise, self-paced 10-22 minute presentations that get straight to the point and don't waste managers' valuable time
  • Quizzes & interactive decision-making scenarios that challenge managers to apply what they learn, confirm training retention and provide a record of completion
  • Quality, engaging training content produced by an in-house team with a combined 75 years experience researching, writing and practicing management
  • Simple user management and tracking tool that gives you nearly everything you need – without overwhelming complexity
  • No IT help required and nothing to install, easy for managers and trainers to access 24/7

Get Engaging Training Topics that Cut Straight to the Point
and Were Produced by Experienced Experts

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Get Concise, Self-Paced Management Training Presentations that Don't Waste Managers' Valuable Time

Get online management training delivered via self-paced, Flash presentations with engaging narration that are 10-22 minutes in length. All training is broken down into individual training modules, which keeps it focused and in manageable chunks.

  • Training sessions are produced with visual aids, built-in interactions and quizzes
  • Complete control is given to the viewer to start, stop and resume training when inevitable interruptions occur
  • You can have managers train on specific topics that aren't boring or too long, and with no wasted time or effort
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Get Quizzes & Interactive Decision-Making Scenarios
that Challenge Managers to Apply What They Learn

Get interactive quizzes and scenarios that are built into each module to challenge managers and allow them to test their knowledge. Quizzes also help confirm training retention and provide a record of completion when passing scores are achieved.

  • Real-life legal cases have been turned into employment law training scenarios
  • Stand-alone versions of key scenarios and quizzes are perfect for pretesting and quick follow-up sessions
  • The goal of each quiz is not to stump or trick learners, but to reinforce what was covered during the presentation
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Get a Simple User Management and Tracking Tool that is
Easy to Use and Has Just the Right Features

Get learning management capabilities to add individual managers to your account with their own username and password and easily track which presentations they completed and their quiz scores and individual answer detail. No need for expensive learning management systems.

  • Get the right type of the tracking you're looking for with no unnecessary complexity
  • See how managers performed on quizzes with clear question-and-answer reports
  • Add users, create custom groups and control permissions with ease
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Get Downloadable Job Aids Managers Can Use to
Support Training Application and Improved Performance

Get handouts and checklists specifically crafted to highlight pertinent information and points to remember for each training topic. Perfect for hanging in a cubicle and quick training refreshers.

  • 18 questions you should never ask in an interview
  • 8 of the most common protected activities in the workplace
  • 10 adverse employment actions every manager should know
  • The 10 areas in which employees are protected against discrimination
  • Sample sexual harassment policy
  • 4 sample written performance reviews – and sample questions to ask during the face-to-face meeting
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Get the ManageElite Monthly Bulletin that Delivers Consistent
Training Reminders, Reinforcement and Additional Content

Get a 2-3 page bulletin in PDF format every month that covers critical management, HR and employment law topics delivered directly in your ManageElite account area and we'll send you an email notice as well.

  • Performance review checklist
  • 5 keys to delegating effectively
  • Explaining pay raises: What to say and not say
  • Proven tactics for retaining top performers
  • 5 steps to delivering constructive criticism
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