Workplace Bias Employment Law Training

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What Does It Cover?

A fair and equal workplace – what exactly does that mean? There are federal laws that define what a fair and equal workplace is. And at the end of the day, those anti-discrimination laws are the only definitions of bias that really matter because they are the ones that have costly legal consequences for employers who knowingly or unknowingly violate them.

This module will help managers understand federal bias laws and test their ability to make the right call in tough situations.

In this module:

  • The 10 protected classes – and which 6 all employees are a member of
  • What does it mean to be biased? A simple equation clarifies the answer
  • Detailed explanations of 11 adverse employment actions
  • Someone makes a complaint – now what? 3 critical steps
  • 3 real-life decision-making scenarios where a supervisor can find himself or herself smack in the middle of a bias complaint
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