Harassment Employment Law Training

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What Does It Cover?

Employers get into legal trouble when managers fail to recognize what harassment really is, and the widely different ways it can occur in the workplace. The challenge is that harassment at work could be a lot of things and it's not as simple as looking out for a few items on an official list.

This employment law module will help supervisors spot and stop workplace harassment before it escalates.

In this module:

  • The two ingredients of harassment
  • What "unwelcome conduct" is and why it's one of the most difficult legal terms to deal with in the real world
  • Why managers must delve into the intent when considering harassing behaviors
  • The two ways harassment goes from innocent teasing to illegal conduct
  • What is a hostile work environment and why an employee must show it existed to win a harassment case
  • The #1 thing managers and employers should to do to deal with harassment
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