Interviewing Skills that Weed out Bad Fits

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What Does It Cover?

You spend countless hours sifting through stacks of resumes and screening people to find the best candidates. Unfortunately duds still slip through the cracks. What went wrong? The interview. It's the portion of the hiring process where opportunities for mistakes is highest.

This module delivers road-tested tactics to strengthen both the interview process and your managers' interviewing skills.

In this module:

  • Why the best applicant doesn't always make the best hire
  • 6 myths that hinder good hiring – and how to overcome them
  • 40% of resumes have falsehoods and why trying to catch lies isn't necessary to hire the right person
  • 5 ways to tilt the interview scale in your favor
  • Why having a good feeling about a candidate early in the interview actually hurts your chances of landing the right person
  • 3 things to tell candidates before you invite them in for an interview that almost guarantees they'll tell the truth like they're under oath
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