Management Challenge Quiz

Test Your Management Skills and Knowledge

The management quiz consists of 21 questions to challenge your knowledge as a manager. Whether you're a new or experienced manager, take the challenge to test your management skills in areas ranging from employment law and interviewing to performance reviews and handling difficult situations.

How Did You Do?

Shoot us a note with your score at Let us know if you thought it was too easy or too tricky and shed some light on your biggest management training challenges.

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Hone Your Management Skills Now

No matter what you scored on the quiz, the fact remains – all managers need training to become great leaders. Yes, supervisors can "figure it out" on the job over time – but why put them and their employees through that long and often brutal learning curve?

ManageElite can shorten that transition substantially and help turn good employees and new managers into great leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

With ManageElite, You Get:

  • Relevant topics for managers to get them up to speed on handling critical must-know topics
  • Concise, self-paced 10-22 minute presentations that get straight to the point and don't waste managers' valuable time
  • Quizzes & interactive decision-making scenarios that challenge managers to apply what they learn, confirm training retention and provide a record of completion
  • Simple user management and tracking tool that gives you virutally everything you need – without overwhelming complexity
  • Job aids managers can use to support training application and improve performance
  • 2-3 page Monthly Bulletin in PDF format delivered by email that covers critical management, HR and employment law topics
  • Quality, engaging training content produced by an in-house team with a combined 75 years experience researching, writing and practicing management
  • No IT help required and nothing to install, easy for managers and trainers to access 24/7