Retaliation Employment Law Training

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What Does It Cover?

More than one in three complaints filed with the EEOC are for retaliation – the single biggest complaint the agency receives. Every manager and supervisor needs to be aware of the concept of retaliation ... and how retaliation is related to legally protected activities employees might get involved in.

This training module will familiarize managers with what the law says regarding retaliation. It also looks at the different ways retaliation can occur in the workplace – so managers know how to recognize it ... how to prevent it ... and how to handle it if a claim occurs.

In this module:

  • Why retaliation claims stick even when bias charges are thrown out
  • The three legal elements of retaliation
  • 8 activities all employees can do that are protected by federal law
  • How retaliation protections kick in even if a complaint isn't officially filed
  • Why an employee's perception of being retaliated against can be just as damaging as if there were, in fact, retaliation taking place
  • Scenarios that illustrate circumstances in which retaliation might occur – and how subtle the differences are between illegal and legal actions
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