Sexual Harassment Employment Law Training

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What Does It Cover?

There is perhaps no other workplace behavior that is as pervasive, misunderstood and challenging for a manager than sexual harassment. There are a wide variety of behaviors that constitute sexual harassment that many people don't even account for. One comment or one action, and your company and any manager who witnessed or dealt with the incident are on the hook.

This training module will give managers a fundamental understanding of sexual harassment law and how to spot and respond to it.

In this module:

  • The two basic types of sexual harassment
  • How two almost identical real-life sexual harassment cases ended in opposite court rulings
  • 6 things a judge and/or jury might consider when a sexual harassment case goes to court
  • When does conduct cross the line? 5 questions to ask
  • Why all organizations should follow this wise advice to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace
  • 4 scenarios to test managers' judgment in real sexual harassment cases
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