About ManageElite

ManageElite provides real-world, online management training to help you improve organizational performance and compliance.

By combining experienced editors and subject-matter experts with sound instructional design and rapid e-learning tools, ManageElite allows you to deliver more effective training to more managers in a shorter period of time – at less cost.

Helping Managers Become Great Through Online Training

Our goal is to help managers perform at a higher level. Motivate better, lead better and get more done through people. As a result, organizations will be more productive, efficient and profitable.

ManageElite is an affordable online management training tool to achieve that goal.

To accomplish this, we've developed interactive training content through research that pulls from myriad authoritative sources, anecdotes and the business expertise of real practitioners (gained from talking with them on the phone and at conferences).

It is then converted into scripts that are turned into Flash presentations, real-world scenarios and quizzes, as well as job aids and helpful guides.

All this is done by our experienced, in-house editorial staff that has covered and reported on a given area for upwards of 15 years.

How ManageElite Is Different From Other Online Training Programs

Most online training programs take an information dump approach. They focus on disseminating as many rules, regulations and best practices as possible – almost to the point of being overwhelming.

On the other hand, ManageElite is unique in three main ways because it:

  • Bridges the gap between training and on-the-job performance with interactive, real-world scenarios that force managers to think and make decisions that replicate what happens on the job. They develop knowledge they can apply – not just the ability to pass simple multiple choice and true/false tests.
  • Focuses on training topics in short bursts that address the toughest management challenges. Soft skills training helps managers improve their ability to hire well, motivate, lead, and handle difficult situations. HR compliance and employment law training is in plain English to ensure managers stay out of legal trouble.
  • Engages managers and holds their attention with gregarious speakers who present in a conversational tone. No more boring, monotone presenters that put people to sleep.
Combine those three things with no per user fees, fresh monthly content and on-demand availability so managers can complete training at anytime, anywhere, and as often as they need, it's like having a fleet of engaging management and HR trainers on retainer - without the prohibitive cost.