How ManageElite Works

How many people can I add to my account?

25 total people, including yourself, can be in your free trial account. You can always upgrade to allow for more users at any time.

Can I have more than 25 managers in my account?

Yes. If you need to add and track more managers at any time, you can upgrade to the next tier. For example, upgrade from the 25 manager maximum level the 100 manager level. Upgrading will start a new annual subscription. We will apply the unused balance on your existing subscription to your upgrade. You can see exactly how to do this in your account – as well as the exact cost will be calculated for you on the spot. Email us at for more information about adding more users and pricing.

How do my managers get access to ManageElite?

You can add managers on the "manage users" page inside your ManageElite account area. This tool allows you to add a person's first and last name and email address, then send them a personalized email invitation with their own username and password. You can also create custom groups of people.

How do the tracking reports work?

ManageElite offers a convenient, easy to use dashboard that shows you all the people in your account and:

  • How many and which training modules they've completed
  • How many and which individual presentations they've completed
  • How many and which quizzes they've passed and the score
  • How many extra downloadable materials they've accessed
  • The date of their last activity

This dashboard automatically refreshes every 10 minutes. You can expand/collapse all the data and filter by a person's name or by group.

In addition, you can quickly drill down on a single person and see all their individual activity as well as which questions they got right and wrong with quiz detail reports.

How do you produce the training content?

1. Research – ManageElite training content is developed through a research process that pulls from a myriad collection of authoritative sources, anecdotes and the expertise of real practitioners (gained from talking to them on the phone, at conferences, etc.).

2. Instructional Design – That research is then organized, cut down to only the essentials and massaged into well-crafted scripts that are converted into Flash and HTML5 presentations, scenarios and quizzes, as well as downloadable job aids and helpful guides.

All this is done by our by an in-house team with a combined 75 years experience researching, writing and practicing management.

How long are the training presentations?

Here is the length of the main presentations:

  • Difficult Conversations with Employees – 15 minutes and 32 seconds
  • 8 Dos and Don'ts of Motivating – 18 minutes and 55 seconds
  • Interviewing – 21 minutes and 13 seconds
  • 9 Mistakes New Managers Make – 19 minutes and 20 seconds
  • Performance Reviews that Work – 22 minutes and 2 seconds
  • You are Now They – 12 minutes and 30 seconds
  • Workplace Bias – 14 minutes and 9 seconds
  • Harassment – 10 minutes and 41 seconds
  • Retaliation – 11 minutes and 45 seconds
  • Sexual Harassment – 15 minutes and 40 seconds
  • Effective Employee Discipline – 11 minutes and 4 seconds
  • FLSA – 9 minutes and 53 seconds
  • Time Management – 11 minutes and 38 seconds

This is straight run time. In reality it could take someone longer or shorter depending on how they interact with the content, plus the quiz at the end.

Free Trial and Billing

How long is the free trial?

The ManageElite free trial is 30 days of full access without any restrictions.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

If you decide to continue after 30 days, your paid subscription will be automatically activated so you can continue your service without interruption. Of course, you can cancel your free trial at any time during the first 30 days with a click of a button.

How do I cancel?

There are three easy ways to cancel:

  1. Inside your ManageElite account area you will see a navigation option labeled "Account" on every page. Go to that page and click the "cancel my account" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page to cancel your account
  2. You can email us at to cancel your account
  3. You can also call 800-220-5000 to cancel your account

How much does ManageElite cost after my free trial?

ManageElite costs $684/year for up to 25 managers in your account. That is literally a total cost of just under $1.88 per day to train your managers and track their activity. No set up or activation fees.

How does billing work?

ManageElite is a recurring subscription that is automatically renewed each year until canceled.

If you cancel your account at any time during your subscription your account will not renew. You and your managers will continue to have access to ManageElite until your expiration date. When your paid subscription expires, you and your managers will no longer be able to login to ManageElite.

Technical Requirements

Do I need to install anything?

No! Nothing to install and no IT people necessary.

What do I need to access ManageElite content?

To start, you need a computer with an Internet connection.

To view the interactive presentations and quizzes, you will need:


  • Flash Player 6.0.79 or later (, and one of the following browsers:
    • Windows: Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1, Google Chrome, Safari 3, Opera 9.5, Netscape 7, AOL 8, CompuServe 7
    • Mac: Safari 3 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome
    • Linux: Firefox 1, Opera 9.5, Konqueror 3.3.1


  • Google Chrome 14 or later on Windows or Mac
  • Safari 5.1 or later on Windows or Mac
  • Mobile Safari on Apple iOS 5.0 or later on iPad. NOTE: Due to technical limitations with the iPad and iPhone, we do not recommend using those tools with ManageElite. Quiz scores and presentation completions will not be recorded in the User Tracking system. While you may view the presentations on an iPad or iPhone, your work will not be recorded.

To view the downloadable PDFs, you'll need a PDF reader such Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader