Sherry Atkinson

Director of Human Resources

Provides Ongoing Training to More
than 300 Managers with ManageElite

The R.E. Michel Company is all about striving for excellence. That means hiring and developing a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce.

While product knowledge and great customer relationships are core to what R.E. Michel does on a day-to-day basis, it also realizes having a strong management team to drive the company forward is key to its success.

The Problem

Sherry Atkinson, Director of Human Resources, is responsible for 1,700 employees and hundreds of managers and supervisors across more than 225 nationwide locations. Developing a training program at a large organization that has a centralized Human Resources department like the R.E. Michel Company is an equally large challenge.

The goal was to train everyone, leave no manager behind.

As Sherry explained, they were looking for a:

In addition, Sherry realized:

The Solution

Sherry and the R.E.Michel Company needed a training tool that:

  • Had a flexible system that was easy to access for all their managers nationwide
  • Delivered training content their manages could quickly relate to and would enjoy
  • Presented the material in an interactive way that wasn't too time consuming

ManageElite satisfied those needs.

With ManageElite, Sherry got a comprehensive online training tool that fit her large organization's needs. Specifically, ManageElite delivered 24/7 access to all training materials from any computer, anywhere in the country. It also provided a centralized account and user management interface so Sherry could direct managers to participate in the training program easily.

10-22 minute training modules with ample supporting job aids that didn't waste managers' valuable time. And the kicker – interactive presentations with an engaging, conversational speaker helped immediately get managers to buy-in and enjoy the training sessions.

The Results

ManageElite successfully helped the R.E. Michel Company:

  • Train and develop a large group of managers and supervisors – with relative ease
  • Provide to-the-point management skills and knowledge that managers actually benefit from
  • Get the comprehensive training tool managers needed for their fast-paced environment

What R.E. Michel's employees are saying about ManageElite:

  • "Very informative and helpful. Covered the right points. I have already had to deal with this, I wish I would have had this module before. It would've helped but now I'll be ready next time this comes up. Thanks."
  • "Very good module. I am living it now. Keep up the GREAT work!"
  • "Thought this was short and to the point. Reminded me of the right things to do."
  • "This was a great overview for being a manager."
  • "Techniques that I never thought of using in an interview. Simple but effective!"
  • "This had very valuable information in this module. I interview people all the time and I have picked up some very valuable tools to use!"
  • "Very clear, easy to retain information."
  • "This is a great presentation for managers new and old."
  • "I believe after taking this course, I will be able to better motivate my employees."
  • "It was enlightening. It took me 3 times to get a score I was satisfied with."

Return on Investment

Sherry breaks down the return on investment with ManageElite into three main buckets:

1. Cost Savings

2. Time Savings

3. Reduced Risk

Here's the kicker, as someone responsible for training a large group – It doesn't take much time!
How Sherry quantified it:

Why Would You Recommend ManageElite to Other
People and Organizations in Similar Situations?

"ManageElite is very conducive to a fast paced
environment providing the interactive modules
that managers quickly relate to."

Sherry Atkinson

Director of Human Resources
R.E. Michel Company