Faye Granger

Senior Director of Business Operations

Trains and Develops a Diverse Group of
New and Junior Managers with Consistency

Faye Granger, Senior Director of Business Operation, had a goal to consistently prepare new and junior managers for future leadership roles on the company's projects.

Having years of experience, Faye is not only knowledgeable in many management areas, she understands the importance of providing a fundamental background on management topics to junior employees as they prepare to lead projects and tasks.

The Problem

As Senior Director of Business Operations, Faye is responsible for the management and oversight of Amyx's Facilities, HR, Recruiting, IT, Special Programs, and Quality Programs departments. As most Operations leaders know, trying to coordinate a training and development program that is effective, convenient and consistent across various departments and managers is a huge challenge.

says Faye.

The Solution

Faye needed a training tool that:

  • Was available online with 24/7 access so remote employees can use it when they had time
  • Had the desired training topics Amyx needed
  • Presented the material in concise, manageable segments by an engaging presenter
  • Offered the ability to manage users and track their progress

In trying to find a viable solution, Faye said,

ManageElite, however, ticked off all those boxes.

With ManageElite, Faye got the online training program they were looking for that is available anytime, anywhere. The training topics were a strong fit and perfect for developing new managers and as a refresher for experienced leaders at Amyx.

Best of all, the concise, segmented modules allowed managers to get up to speed and add to their knowledge on a topic quickly, while allowing Faye to track their progress and add new managers to the program with ease.

The Results

ManageElite successfully helped Faye:

  • Train and develop new and junior managers consistently – with ease
  • Provide refresher knowledge for more experienced managers
  • Track the progress and manage the training program with minimal effort

Faye reveals.

And training those 16+ people has been a breeze for Faye.

Granger found an extra benefit from ManageElite for the more experienced managers at Amyx.

Affordability Was the Final Difference

Measuring the tangible return on investment for training is tough. ManageElite is substantially more cost-effective and efficient than live training events and attending multiple webinars with fixed schedules. Faye was candid in how she views their investment in ManageElite ...

Why Would You Recommend ManageElite to Other
People and Organizations in Similar Situations?

"The biggest single reason is that it provides important management information in a format that fits into the current workforce environment (ease of access and flexibility).

I would recommend ManageElite."

Faye Granger

Senior Director of Business Operations
Amyx, Inc.